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.Who are we?

Info2Action is an expert in the health & personalcare market. We have 30 years of experience at top retailers and manufacturers. Owner Joop Rutte is a well known expert in the field of evidence based marketing research and advice. We provide insights, skills, experience and utilize a huge network.

What do we deliver?

We provide consumer research, concepttesting, scanning and promotion data insights as well fancy dashboards in Qlik. It's our aim to make companies and persons more successful by using the right data assets, methodologies and insights. . By saving time, to increase knowledge or providing safety so that everyone is able to become in control, an insider and being pro-active. That is good for your business as well as yourself.

Unrivaled experience all over Europe
Since 1984 owner Joop Rutte served hundreds of companies like Ahold, Boots, AS-Watson, DA, Henkel, Hero, L’Oréal, J&J or GSK in the backroom of the boardroom. Clients are using this network and experience for special projects or longer lasting confidential partnerships regularly.

A from information to Action provider

Companies and employees often lack the capabilities to capitalize on the right data assets. Data remains in various silos. There is a struggle to translate data or processed information to the right business insights to make the right decisions in time. This is not necessary!

From big data to the right management and marketing decissions
The right insights need to be easily accessible for managers so that insights are under own fingertips and treated by your own imagination. Save time, become more in control, an insider, pro-active and successful! Make your company and yourself the best in class.

Bring it on!
Are you ready to capitalize on your business potential, hidden data assets, consumer needs or expensive data subscriptions? Bring it on!

Side activities: Columnist at the leading magazine for drug retail; Careality. Jury member annual Retail Care Awards for health & beauty products. Certified NIMA RM/EMP marketer and NIMA reviewer of new management books. A guarantee for intensive permanent education on new subjects like digital-, neuro marketing and impact on new marketing and managament conceptions.

2019 available now!

Annual Vitamins minerals and supplements study


In 2012 we started a huge representative multi-client consumer study on lifestyle, health, usage, attitude, spent related to the use of VMS products. Some clients wanted to repeat this study annually. Now, we have a rich database of insights, top 25 consumer brands, top 20 (offline, online) retailers therapist importance, brand/retailer satisfaction and how you can improve satisfaction and performance. Our extensive report is ready by 1/8/2019. regular clients receive 2 different Qlik sence apps so that you can navigate through the years, for your brand, your shopper, your retailer etc. We are fair: more value for money we won't deliver with any other service.

Stir and evaluate your business easily

Analysing and working with Nielsen, IRI or IMS data is often sort of second prioirity in organisations. In our 30 years of experience we concluded that our clients are in need to make the right marketing and management decisions to be more secure and effective. All was about promotion effectiveness, distribution optimalisation, product effectiveness and the right price. Bearing this extensive knowledge in mind from hunderds of companies all over Europe we challenged ourselves to automate marketing decissions by the visualisation of the right KPI's and loading on continous base retail scanningdata, promotional data and other data in Qlik Sence. We are the expert and can offer manufacturers and retailers directly off the shelf solutions

Schrijf je in voor onze nieuwsbrief met belangrijke inzichten die we op doen vanuit projecten en met u mogen delen!



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